7 Days for $7

We want to be part of your fitness journey and totally understand that its important you find a place that's the right fit for you. Try a week of classes with us for less than the cost of lunch. Download the Glofox app and search for Weigh Better U. All classes are available during your trial week.

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“I am 69 years old. I love working out I had a full knee replacement. I've known Sam for many, many years and you know I trust him with my workouts and he has given me a lot of strength.”

Rosalie Eliseo


“Really why I started working out was more for my mental.When I found out about Weigh Better U, it
just kind of was, I don't want to
sound cheesy but, like a bit of
just a miracle for me. I needed this.”

Paige Fernandes

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“Sam's made it fun, he's made it
Interesting. He's helped break down those walls for me and help build up my confidence.  Making me feel comfortable coming here.”

Mike Mulkern


U Got This. We Got U

You choose your fitness goals.

We scale your classes and workout to what you need to do while you become healthier. 

The Weigh Better team is here to help by offering the right combination of support and challenge that you need.  Our program includes basic cardio, intensive workouts and everything in between. 


What We Do

We provide professional, certified fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

Choose the program that is best for your ambitions and lifestyle.


Personal Training

The Weight Better team will draw on their years of experience in sports and fitness to help you design the ideal fitness routine for your goals. 

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Group Training

Group training is the perfect option for anyone who wants to encourage, and be encouraged by, other people who are pursuing their fitness goals with the guidance of a professional trainer.

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