About the Team

Sam Amado

Founder and Head Trainer

Sam's career in athletics and fitness spans nearly 20 years, taking him across the United States and around the world.

When he was 18, Sam began training as a professional wrestler at Kowalski's Wrestling School in metro-Boston (2003). 

As a participant in ABC's "Fat March" (2007), Sam was among six team members to walk from Boston to Washington DC, losing 85 pounds.  

Since then, Sam has earned credentials as a Licensed Massage Therapist (2007), been certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine Personal Trainers (2008), and spent time on the competitive body building circuit (Body Transformation, 2017).

In 2010, Sam was licensed as an American Red Cross CPR instructor, and founded Save Life Boston.

In recent years, Sam has expanded his command of Portuguese, allowing him to talk with more of his neighbors while growing his circle of friends.  

Sam enjoys helping people of all backgrounds and ability levels become healthier.  He lives in metro Boston with his family, and is always looking for new adventures.