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Get Healthier While Sleeping.

The headline may be shameless click-bait, but it is technically true. It is possible to get healthier while sleeping, particularly if you have bad sleep habits to start.

The numbers vary a bit by source, but most Americans get 2~3 hours less sleep

than they need.

Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. At a physiological level, lack of sleep often causes hunger, making people more likely to eat. And, consistent fatigue means that more of the calories from food will be stored as fat.

Most people should sleep for 8~9 hours a night. (The further you are from that number, the more that increasing your sleep will help.)

Realistically, it is difficult for some people to get a consistent amount of sleep, particularly if their job does not have consistent hours. Similarly, it is not always possible for people to sleep at night (often due to job or family obligations).

However, whenever possible, it is best to keep a natural schedule, falling asleep early enough to get 8 hours before waking up around sunrise. (Again, this is an ideal, but not always possible or realistic.)

Regardless of scheduling, there are relatively simple steps that will make it easier to fall asleep, and lose weight.

-avoid screens (including phones) for at least an hour before planning to sleep. (In addition to being distracting, the light from the screen is similar to sunlight.)

-avoid large or carbohydrate-heavy meals less than 3 (ideally 4) hours before going to sleep.

Pleasant dreams,

Sam Amado

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