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Be Positive. Be Honest.

This post will be controversial. But, it relates directly to fitness, the business of Weigh Better U.

It is common to hear that people should ignore their weight or physical profile for the sake of "body positivity".

Being 50 or 100, or merely 20, pounds overweight is not "just as good" or as healthy as being the correct weight (based on height, age etc).

This is not a question of shaming people for their choices about their health, diet and exercise habits. But, starkly different decisions will have starkly different results.

The immediate differences are going to be apparent in somebody's weight and physical profile. And, there are probably going to be long-term differences in health and life expectancy.

Deriding fitness or exercise as "fat-phobia" or "diet culture" does not change the fact that being overweight is unhealthy.

If somebody's weight is the result of a medical condition, the decisions they make can either mitigate or aggravate their health problems.

This column is not about shame. It is about encouraging and helping people to make healthy decisions.

Be healthy, be honest,

Sam Amado

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